CLIENT Waterfront Parish Church
CONTRACTORWaterfront Parish Church
ROOFING SYSTEMSarnafil S327-15EL single ply membrane providing a 15-year system warranty


Located alongside Ashton Building Systems in sunny Clydebank we have been busy installing this new Sarnafil roof to the waterfront Parish Church. The building was constructed in the second half on 1970 along with the shopping centre in Clydebank and has a unique roof layout. We decided the best approach on this project would be to split the area into three phases to give ourselves manageable chunks to complete. We have come across a few issues on this project but with expert knowledge in flat roofing and a highly skilled labour force we have managed to improvise, adapt and overcome all. As you can see from the photographs, the roof has been given the facelift, thermal upgrade and 15 year guarantee it needed!